UConn Off-Campus Housing COVID-19 Resources

UConn Off-Campus Housing

COVID-19 Resources


1. Is off-campus housing still available for the 20-21 academic year?

Yes, Off Campus Housing IS still available! You can visit our website for all of the local listings at: www.offcampushousing.uconn.edu and join us on August 5th from 12-2PM for our Virtual Off-Campus Housing Fair: https://offcampus.uconn.edu/virtual-off-campus-housing-fair-2020/ 

2. Should I sign a lease now for the 20-21 school year?

Given that classes will be provided in a range of formats, including in person, online, and a combination of the two formats to allow the University to prioritize both safety and the UConn educational experience. The decision to live off campus and sign a lease, is up to the individual and their current academic situation.

 3. Can I break my lease or get a refund on rent?

All off-campus housing is privately owned and operated. All questions pertaining to leasing agreements and rental payments should be directed to your Property Manager or landlord. Remember that your lease is a legally binding document, and you are responsible for making rental payments for the duration of your rental period to avoid legal consequences.

4. Would it be better to just stay home?

Again, this is a personal decision. You should consider if you will be able to afford your rental if your student job is limited or no longer available. If your classes are remote, this is also a determining factor if you need to stay in your rental or return home. Remember that a lease is a LEGALLY binding agreement and cannot be modified

5. Will there be changes in my lease regarding friends and visitors? 

Each lease will vary depending on your property owner/management company. Be sure to read through your lease as there may be additional provisions that are added to ensure the health and safety of all residents and staff. We applaud every student who has done their part in being a responsible member of our greater UConn community, and ask each of you personally to set an example for others around you by not engaging in dangerous and disruptive behaviors.

6. What if the University shuts down due to an outbreak as it did in spring 2020? 

All students who anticipate or have signed a lease need to discuss their own personal situation with their landlord. If you have already signed your lease, there might not be an opportunity to make any changes. You can still have the conversation with your landlord about your concerns and document your conversations via email.

7. Are retail operations open for business? 

Most grocery stores and large retail options are still open, though many of them are operating with adjusted hours. Many local restaurants have closed their dining rooms to general seating, and if they are open, they are open for pick-up and delivery service only. Updates on Downtown Storrs business operations can be found here.

8. Will the University provide financial or legal assistance if I need to leave my rental and return home?

The University manages processes within our control and considers the needs of the entire campus community. Private rentals off campus are not within our controls nor can we encourage property managers/landlords to make decisions that impact a legal contract between company and tenant. With that said, sharing your personal situation with the property manager/landlord is recommended.

If you are facing unexpected financial hardship due to COVID-19,  you are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services: financialaid@uconn.edu. Financial Aid will work to determine what, if any, supplemental financial support may be provided.

9. What are the COVID-19 testing requirements for commuter and off-campus students for all campuses? 

  • Commuter students engaged in in-person learning are required to submit verification to Student Health and Wellness (SHaW) of a negative COVID test administered within 14 days prior to the start of classes.  Students should refrain from coming to campus until proof of test has been provided to SHaW.  
  • The university is making COVID-19 PCR testing available to off-campus and commuter students through a no-cost mail-in option. An email will be sent to students’ UConn email address between August 13th–16th with information on how to obtain testing through our partner, Vault Medical. Students may also obtain testing on their own at their own expense and upload the results through the student health portal.
  • To upload the negative COVID-19 PCR test results, go to the SHaW Patient Portal. Once logged into the portal, select “Document Upload” from the top menu bar, then select “COVID 19 Results and Clearance” in the Document Type drop-down menu.