What to Know Before You Go!

Checklist for taking an extended break from your rental:

  • Remove ALL trash
  • Clean out perishable items from your fridge & countertops
  • Close curtains and have all windows and doors locked
  • Move beds, couches and other flammable objects away from heat sources
  • Unplug electronics - save a few bucks on your next bill!
  • Take your valuables with you
  • Set your thermostat to a temperature no lower than 55 degrees, or speak with your landlord about an appropriate temperature. Pipes can freeze if they are too cold!
  • Plan ahead for your precious pets and plants!
  • Remove laundry from the washer/dryer
  • Remove dishes from sink or dishwasher

Have a safe and relaxing break!

Pro Tip!

Let your landlord or property manager know you are leaving so they can check on the property or make repairs while you are away.