Party Smart

Hosting a party can be done so in a safe, and responsible manner. Included are some tips on being a smart party guest, community member and host. This information is originally derived from a campaign awarded to the Mansfield Campus-Community Partnership (MCCP) and funded under the Connecticut Healthy Campus Initiative by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

    • Improve safe party-hosting skills
    • Increase safe alcohol-use knowledge
    • Reduce negative consequences of alcohol use
    • Develop a community culture that practices safe party norms
    • Foster a peer norm that engages safe alcohol-use behavior
    • Establish communication channels between students, property managers and law enforcement personnel to maintain an on-going dialogue on party-hosting and alcohol-use safety
    • Build an alliance involving students, student services, property management, law enforcement and the Town of Mansfield to improve community health and safety.