What to Know Before You Go, Thanksgiving Break!

What to know, before you go!

Preparing your apartment for Thanksgiving break…

  • Make sure all windows are secure and close your curtains if you have them.
  • Lock sliding doors and place a wooden or metal bar in the track of the doors.turkey
  • Leave limited items in the refrigerator and be sure it is closed! Being away for a week you do not need to toss everything, but be sure to remove anything that will expire or rot. You do not want any little creatures living with you when you return!
  • Be sure there is good lighting around doors, especially those not visible to passersby.
  • Take valuables with you. Do not leave any valuable items in your apartment.
  • Make sure beds, couches, and other flammable objects are at least three feet away from heat sources.
  • Keep your thermostat set to a temperature no lower than 55° F. You must keep your apartment heated all winter so your pipes will not freeze—even while nobody is living in the house. Frozen pipes cause extensive and expensive damage to a home’s plumbing and heating systems. If you turn off the heat, you could be responsible for repairs! Check with you landlord or read your lease for more information!

Have a Happy & Safe Break!