Leasing or renting a place to live off-campus can be a very exciting and positive experience. However, it can also be confusing and overwhelming. The following links will provide you with information and resources to help you successfully navigate your off-campus experience from signing a lease to moving out and getting your security deposit back:

Roommate Agreement Form Sample


Several issues should be considered when deciding who would make a good roommate. Even if you know someone well and you feel that you get along, it doesn’t guarantee that you will live together problem free. The issue isn’t whether or not you will have differences of opinion, but how you handle and resolve the disagreements that will determine your satisfaction in living together. Here are a few compatibility expectations to consider when selecting a roommate:

  • Cleanliness
  • Privacy
  • Guest Policies
  • Parties
  • Sharing Belongings
  • Paying Bills

The key to making your roommate experience work is based on communication and the respect you show one another. If you’re not talking or not respecting each other, then you are bound to have problems which will make your off-campus experience difficult.

A roommate agreement is a great tool to use when and/or after deciding who you would like to live with in your apartment or house. The roommate agreement will assist you and your new roommates with determining house rules, who will pay for what, and several other items that will be helpful in creating a successful living environment. The Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services strongly urges using this tool. It may be helpful in resolving informal or legal issues if they arise.