Author: Bianka Horvath

5 Ways to Be a Successful Commuter Student!

With the new school year already begun, you probably already have a good understanding of what a commuter student experience at UConn is like. We want you to remember that you are part of a commuter student population of over 10,000 individuals and we are here to help! The opportunities at UConn are endless and below we have provided you with some tips to help ensure your success as a commuter student:


  1. GET INVOLVED! This is one of most important parts of being a commuter. You are a part of this school regardless if you live on campus or commute over 2 hours to get here. This means you should put yourself out there and get involved in clubs, sports, activities, employment, volunteering, etc. Whether it’s getting a part time job on campus or becoming a part of the skydiving club, there are plenty of options for everyone. Check out the Involvement Fair on Wednesday, September 14th from 2-7PM on Fairfield Way to learn how to get involved and to be sure your UConn experience is nothing short of amazing.
  2. MAKE A PLAN! Plan on what time you will arrive to campus every day to ensure that you will get a parking spot, get to class on time, and miss traffic. Remember to try and park where your day ends and not where it begins. You will thank yourself at the end of a long day!
  3. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE! Go out of your way to talk to people in your classes. You are one of many new or returning commuter students who are eager to meet people and you’re not alone, so don’t be afraid to make conversation with people you’ve never talked to before!
  4. HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! Put yourself out there! Remember that song “Don’t worry be happy?” well its true! Avoid coming into this semester with a negative outlook. You are at an incredible school with a fun and diverse student body, and you must not forget that you help make it amazing!
  5. UTILIZE OFF-CAMPUS STUDENT SERVICES! Off-Campus Student Services is located in the Student Union (Room 315) and our mission is to support and engage the population of UConn students living off campus. We work to engage students through our various programs and events throughout the year. One of our signature events is coming up: Commuter Appreciation Week is October 3rd-October 7th! Be sure to view our website and follow us on social media for all of our current events and immediate notifications.


If you follow all of these tips, I am sure you will have a great year. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, make it a year you will never forget. Go Huskies!


Jillian Collins

Student Administrative Assistant

Off-Campus Student Services