Leasing or renting a place to live off-campus can be a very exciting and positive experience. However, it can also be confusing and overwhelming. The following links will provide you with information and resources to help you successfully navigate your off-campus experience from signing a lease to moving out and getting your security deposit back:

Sample Sublease Agreement Form

Subleasing                       sublease

Subleasing is when a person, who has signed a lease with a landlord, rents their room or apartment to another person. In most cases, if you sublease you remain on the original lease. As a result, you continue to be responsible for all lease provisions and for the actions of the sub letter until the end of the agreement. Remember, the sublease agreement is separate from the lease.

One very important thing to consider before you choose to sublease, check your lease. It may not permit you to sublease the apartment, house or room. It is always best to get permission from your landlord first before trying to sublease your place.

You can post sublease opportunities on the Message Board of the Searchable Off-Campus Housing Database.