Commuter Resources

 Being a Commuter:

Being a Commuter at UConn means making the extra effort to commute to campus each day. Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services works with commuter students in a variety of ways from events to one-on-one meeting to review any needs or concerns. Below are some suggested places for Commuters to utilize while on campus.

Interested on how much Commuting might actually cost? Use the Commuter Calculator to estimate what your expenses might be!

Study Spaces:                                                                 COMMUTER

Homer Babbidge:

Student Union Commuter Lounge:

Wilbur Cross Reading Room:

Places to Eat:

UConn Cafes (Bookworms, Co-op, Lu’s):

Union St. Market:

UConn Dining Halls:

The Bistro:

The Dairy Bar:

The Beanery:

Places to Hang Out & Stay Active:

Student Union Game Room:

UConn Rec Center:

The William Benton Museum:

Cultural Centers:

The Student Union Commuter Lounge

There is a commuter lounge located on the first floor of the Student Union (Room 108).  The lounge is a great place to hang out while on campus. It includes a large screen television, day lockers, information racks, bulletin board, refrigerator, microwave, sink and study carrels.