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Every year the majority of UConn students who live off-campus are good tenants, neighbors and community members. For these students, semesters come and go without incident or complaint from their neighbors. However, there are always a small number of student rentals that stands out because of their or their guest’s behavior.

UConn students living off-campus have the opportunity to live more independently with increased rights and responsibilities as a student, tenant and community member. For many students this is their first time living in an independent environment within a residential community. Students’ understanding of their rights and responsibilities in this regard may be a foreign concept. However, students must remember that they are no longer living in housing provided exclusively for students, but rather a diverse community that consists of a wide variety of residents. The neighborhoods are home to families, young professionals, retired couples and other types of neighbors. UConn students need to keep these neighbors and their rights in mind while they are living off-campus. While attending UConn, students are representing the University and have the responsibility to ensure to conduct themselves and their guests in a manner consistent with The Student Code.

Although, the Office of Off-Campus Student Services works to educate students regarding responsible community living, we encourage early dialogue between students and their neighbors to cultivate mutual respect and prevent misunderstandings. If you have attempted to communicate your concerns to your student neighbors with no success please contact the appropriate Town of Mansfield office to report your concern. The Town offices will communicate the information to OCSS and we will work with you, Town staff and the student(s) to solve the problem. If you reside outside the Town of Mansfield, please contact this office and make us aware of your concern.

Contact Information

House Conditions/Litter Mansfield Building & Housing Inspections 860.487.4440

Zoning Violations Mansfield Zoning Agent 860.429.3341

Noise/Parking/Criminal Activity Police (Town & Resident Troopers) from 7am-Midnight 860.429.6024

Troop C Barracks from Midnight-7am 800.318.7633 or 860.896.3200

Emergency (Fire, Police & Medical) 911

Other Issues Mansfield Town Manager 860.429.3336

The following protocol has been established to address off-campus behavior issues:

Protocol to Address Off-Campus Behavioral Concerns